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Tree Pruning

Pruning a tree properly helps to maintain its shape and appearance.  This can improve the health of the tree and minimize its threat from future storm damage.  Especially with palm trees, if they get too top heavy, they can be taken down much more easily during a hurricane.

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Quality Pruning and Trimming Services!

Take a proactive approach to reduce future tree problems with tree trimming and pruning services by having us come determine the health and care needs of your specific trees!

Professional tree trimming accomplishes reduced weight, wind resistance, liability, increased nutrient flow and curb appeal.

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Consider an annual or bi-annual service

4 Seasons


Best to do early in the season, or right before storm season

About Our Service

We specialize in pruning palm trees.  In the image below, you can see lots of dying (brown) fronds.  They will fall eventually, but our service removes them proactively, to ensure they do not cause property damage on injury to anyone standing underneath.

It also greatly improves the look and health of the trees!

Consider us for all of your pruning and trimming needs. As mentioned, we specialize in palm trees, using our tree climbing expertise, but are also very good at maintaining large hedgerows and ornamental trees.

Finally we take safety very seriously.  Please read our COVID-19 update here.

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Palm Crown Maintenance

Crown Maintenance

Pruning services:

  • Maintenance pruning
  • Crown thinning, raising, and cleaning
  • Crown/weight reduction

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Hedge Trimming/Specialty Tree Services

Did we mention before that no job is too big?

Our fully insured company provides fine pruning for:

  • Ornamental trees
  • Hedges
  • Young trees
  • Fruit trees

Let us care for your ornamental and fruit trees.  These beautiful varieties are often neglected which can really detract from the value they can bring to your property.

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Hedge Pruning

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