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Tree bracing and cabling is a process used by arborists to add structural support to a tree. It involves adding strong braces and/or cables to a tree to help prevent possible damage or failure, typically in the event of adverse weather.

Of course some damage is so extensive the tree must be removed, and we can help with that too!!

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Service Cost

Tree repair pricing

Pricing based on job complexity.

Service Schedule

Tree bracing frequency

Usually only needed once per impacted tree.

4 Seasons

Tree cabling seasonality

Busiest time is during storm season.

Advanced Tree Care

“Cabling” is the use of cables to stabilize an established tree growing in a manner that is not sustainable if left uncorrected. Cabling is often employed by arborists or other skilled tree service professionals to save a tree.

This helps to reduce the movement of any healthy branches and trunks, while also offering additional support to any weak spots, limiting how much stress they face in times of high winds and heavy rains.

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About Our Tree Services

Bracing and cabling is typically used to support and brace multiple tree limbs or trunks, whether it’s a cluster of branches in the canopy or a split trunk at the base of the tree.

By providing added structural support to various parts of a tree, bracing and cabling makes the tree much less susceptible to damage from the elements. For instance, branches cannot move as freely as they once did, reducing the stresses and fractures caused by high winds, meaning they’re less likely to snap off.

This provides obvious safety benefits in times of storms, while also greatly reducing the risks of property damage and possible death to the tree from excessive damage. Trees that are braced or cabled have a much greater chance of surviving storms, especially hurricanes.

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Tree Brace - Trunk

New Tree Support

Adding support to the trunk gives the tree a greater chance to develop a root structure that can support the mature tree.

Mature Tree Support

Cabling can be used to reinforce branches on mature trees that may have been compromised by disease or storm damage.

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